Conservation Australia

Conservation Australia Inc. is an independent organization focused on assisting land owners, farmers, community groups, pastoralists and government departments with all facets of Conservation and Wildlife Management.


Take an interest in the environment

Our membership is open to all ages from all walks of life as there is no set mould for a conservation volunteer.

Our membership consists of people ranging from 6 to 84 years of age and they come from assorted backgrounds. Some are farmers, solicitors, business owners, retirees, serving military, police, electricians, sales people, gardeners, builders and hunters. All possess the desire to volunteer their time and resources to help our environment in their own way.


Learning bush craft, bush skills and first aid.

We help members understand conservation and sustainable utilisation programs that increase environmental impact awareness.


Helping to address salinity issues in the wheat belt with tree planting initiatives.

We respect the land on which we live and its bounty; caring for the environment and the property we use.


Protection of our native animals and their habitat.

We assist in the control of pest and introduced fauna species, respecting and using the game we harvest.

We foster a safe, family friendly environment.

Our events include training workshops, seminars and social days which promote good fellowship amongst our members and other associations.

How can I help?

We welcome anyone interested in being involved in an organization focused on reducing the impact on the environment caused by introduced fauna and flora species.

  • People looking to build on their skills, knowledge and awareness and who in turn wish to support and contribute to our programs and initiatives.
  • Families looking to learn and introduce their children to bush recreation, farming awareness and nature pursuits.
  • Responsible firearm owners, hunters, conservationists and recreational shooters who practice safe firearm use and who care about the future of their sport, recreation and the environment.
  • Ethical hunters who enjoy hunting and shooting. This may be someone who fires only a few shots once a year at small game or perhaps someone who regularly controls feral and pest species on properties.
  • New shooters young or old who are keen to learn firearm safety and about their responsibilities as a shooter.