Who can join?

–   Anyone interested in being involved in an organization focused on reducing the impact on the environment caused by introduced fauna and flora species.


–  Responsible firearm owners, hunters, conservationists and recreational shooters who practice safe firearm use and who care about the future of their sport, recreation and the environment.


–   Ethical hunters who enjoy hunting and shooting. This may be someone who fires only a few shots once a year at small game or perhaps someone who regularly controls feral and pest species on properties.


–   New shooters young or old who are keen to learn firearm safety and about their responsibilities as a shooter.


–   People looking to build on their skills, knowledge and awareness and who in turn wish to support and contribute to our programs and initiatives.


–   Families looking to learn and introduce their children to bush recreation, farming awareness and nature pursuits.

 How to Join Conservation Australia

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Membership Form
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