Hello to all our members and friends of Conservation Australia Inc.
Thank you to all whom has supported and been patient since I have taken over the Presidential role. I would like to thank Anthony M and the departing committee for their time and dedication they have put into the Association.

Being a different committee means changes, Conservation Australia Inc. will be undergoing a lot of positive changes.

We have now grown to 342 financial members and I would hope that this will continue as we bring in new fun social events and better facilities.

This year we had a committee role and position shake up, and people might be wondering whom to contact.

Within the newsletter there is a page of the new contacts, and a brief description of that tasks they are handling, this year we have a fun and enthusiastic bunch of people.

As discussed at the AGM, we are seeking people who have time on their hands to help us out here and there. We have many tasks (Labouring, Researching) that will be needing to be completed for the benefit of the membership.

If anyone is in a position to lend a hand at some stage, I would love to hear from you.

I am also very excited to also announce that Colin Lane our patron has approved the upgrade to Quarry Lane. On the first few days of July the Quarry will be closed to allow for the works to happen.

If all members can keep this in mind. We will attempt to make alternate arrangements for those who desperately need to sight in rifles.


Ross H, our new Promotions officer is in the process of booking a fun Trivia/Quiz night. We are looking to book it for the 25th of July. There will be 25 Tables available so if coming along tickles your fancy this will be open to everyone.

At the cost of $15 Per Person, if you are interested in attending please contact myself or Ross at promotions@conservationaustralia.org.au

We are hoping to have some great prizes and good fun. If this is a successful event we would like to endeavour to have more similar fundraising events. The proceeds for this event would be going towards a camper trailer for the clubs usage at projects that are not equipped with accommodation facilities. Please encourage your friends and family to attend as this would greatly benefit everyone.


Our Organisations Major Raffle will take place between July and October. Wayne H our amazing Secretary has obtained the permit for 4000 tickets. Currently the artwork for the ticket is being designed to be ready for sales in July.

We have some exciting prizes for the raffle.
1st – WAECO PACKAGE – Waeco 80ltr Freezer/Chiller + Waeco Bag + Waeco Inverter

2nd – RIFLE PACKAGE – Steyr Pro Hunter .223

3rd – OKUMA PACKAGE – Okuma Rod, Okuma Reel, and an Okuma Tackle Bag.
This is to be drawn at an upcoming event on the 10th October. Which we will work out something fun and exciting for all to attend.

Members from next month will be receiving with their membership card a magnet.

On it is the In case of emergency contacts for you to put on your fridge or a location nearby to your phone. We are rolling these out for the members who go to projects without phone reception, so should something occur back at home your family can contact us and we can contact the Farmer or Landholder to pass on urgent messages. Please remind your family that it is for important situations and not what’s for dinner requests. Due to upcoming changes to the OS&H, we will be undertaking many steps to improve the level of our Duty of Care to the membership. If there are any professionals amongst us that could assist in implementation please contact me.

There is a lot more exciting tasks going on behind the scenes, but this will only be announced once the wheels are in motion. Our committee meetings are held every 6 weeks. Any financial member is allowed to attend, if you are interested please contact Wayne H at secretary@conservationaustralia.org.au

For those members who have Facebook and aren’t on the membership only page please contact us so we can add you to it.

Much is discussed on there, and you are able to run a Q and A if you aren’t sure of anything. Everyone on there likes to think they are an expert so nobody should be stuck!
That’s all for now folks!

Bradley K
Conservation Australia President